Why does Snapchat suck now?

What’s the point? Instagram possesses most of it’s key features, as does Facebook; you can still apply the dog filter to your selfie on both of those platforms, which effectively makes Snapchat obsolete.

Wait – does this same logic apply to Twitter too? Twitter reported a drastic increase of exactly 0 new users last quarter. So, it would seem as if Facebook and Instagram are the main “social” social networks being used – with Facebook reporting 2.01 billion monthly users (June 2017), Facebook’s messenger function reporting 1.2 billion monthly users, while Instagram possesses 700 million monthly users, more than that of Twitter and Snapchat combined.

Is it because these massive social networks are adopting all the features of the others? Are we eventually all going to be subscribed to one totally integrated network that satisfies all of our social networking needs at once? Or, are we just getting too lazy to maintain numerous social networks at once?

The rise of devices such as Google Home, Apple’s AirPod (not yet released) and Amazon’s Echo have streamlined our music and information process at home, shortening an already incredibly short process, while we’re paying upwards of $350 to make this process 5-seconds quicker. A necessary luxury in today’s time poor society, obviously!

What impact does this progressive streamlining (laziness) have on how we’re marketed to, and how companies approach their digital marketing strategy? The shrinking amount of social networks means that companies can target their strategy with greater efficiency, and garner better results, and possibly better ROI. Furthermore, with greater connectivity on these social networks and through the aforementioned home-based devices which gather personal information through passive listening, marketers could potentially have more information than ever to effectively target consumers with.

What do you guys think? Are we shooting ourselves in the foot by consistently wanting to make everything quicker, or achieve social status and networking with minimal effort? Have we lost the will to manually connect our phones to the AUX cord or bluetooth speaker, or check the paper for the weather?

Let me know, leave me a comment! 


2 thoughts on “Why does Snapchat suck now?”

  1. I think that this streamlining future is great because everyone obviously wants to have quicker and easy connection to play music, or achieve this social status you talk about. However what happens when one of these servers is down, or setting it up involves more complex ways than you first imagined? I don’t think we have lost the will to manually connect, I think that as consumers in a digital world, we want the ability to multitask, so if that means that we can scroll our news feeds, check the weather on our phone and play music all at the same time without any connection, then we are going to choose to do so! This is instead of having our phone plugged in and not being able to use it. Nice Post!


  2. I absolutely agree with you, but i do think there are dangers to that. I mean as a marketer, great! Such easy access to such a large market! But as a consumer or individual, do you really want this new technology to create an avenue for companies to abuse their communications to you? Will be interesting to see how these technologies progress in the future.


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